Brief History of Photoshop Design

Whether you are new to Photoshop or an experienced user, this site is intended to be a good resource to help you utilize some of the features of Photoshop to get better results when touching up photographs, or just applying really cool techniques to images before publishing them on your website. I have worked with Photoshop for something like 15 years now and used it to design more than 500 websites. I can’t believe it’s been around that long!

Photoshop 1.0 was released in February 1990, with version 2.0 shortly thereafter in the fall of 1990. It took another 4 years to get to version 3.0 which brought the layers capability. In 1996, version 4.0 shipped, followed by Photoshop 5.0 in 1998 bringing the history palette. In 1999, the first web-ready version 5.5 shipped. Photoshop Version 6.0 began shipping in September 2000, almost 17 years ago. Since then, version 7.0 came in 2002, with the first CS (8.0) version in 2003. CS2 came in April 2005, with CS3 in April 2007. Finally, we have CS4 (11.0) which was released in October 2008.

In 2016 Adobe Systems Inc. has announced that a new version of Photoshop will be ready in the middle of 2017. As for today, we only know that an Egyptian artist’s Photoshop art named “Falling” was chosen as the splash screen for the new version of Photoshop 2017. It’s difficult to recall the different transitions, or when each of us saw our favorite tools show up, but one thing is certain, I have truly appreciated the progress made in the development of this powerful set of tools and am looking forward to get a new version of Photoshop that is being developed right now.

Stay tuned, and come back often to get some useful tips using the latest version of Photoshop CS2015 and learn how you can use the tool to design your website. Most tips will also be compatible with previous versions of Photoshop so bookmark our website and feel free to visit us any time for updates!

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