What Is Your Website Goal

Why do you want to set up a website, HTML page, WordPress blog?

Most beginning web site builders, and others who should have learned better, have never really thought about this. As a result, the majority of websites rate poorly for usability (user friendliness), wasteful graphics, poor navigation, slow performance, and more.

Remember, just because your hosting company offers you a free turn-key setup, or you have found some free or fee HTML templates and/or WordPress themes, does not mean these should be used. By the year 2017, there is an awful lot of better stuff available on the internet.

If you are writing only for family and friends, relax and do what is easy. If you want to reach a wider audience, perhaps even sell something, you should try harder.

Does your message benefit by having the opening web page full of images? Do you have a large graphic header and / or figures and icons around the screen? Are you big on animations?

Or is a large header image selected by someone else wasting your screen area to no real benefit? Are figures and icons obscuring your navigation menus (top or side)? Are your fonts too small for old eyes? Are animations dragging down your site response time? Have cute color schemes made your site impossible for color impaired vision?

It turns out that most web site designers have young eyes (at least with correction) and assume everyone understands the internet. They love to turn out artistic designs which gobble up area, and make viewing difficult for about one fourth of the potential viewers (seniors and color blind).

In contrast, take a look at news.google.com or amazon.com. These sites are fast, simple, reserve graphics for where they can help communication, and dont go overboard turning square edges into slightly rounded corners.

What is your goal for your website?

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